What You Should Know Before Buying Tile

Matriarchy Build

Friends of Matriarchy Build Clay Imports, the POC-led, family-owned tile company based in Austin, TX give us some basics on clay and cement tiles. We love their unique custom tile options and their focus the Mexican artisans producing their tile.

This material comes sealed or glazed. When sealed and not glazed, the tiles will show their natural clay color and when glazed, will have a solid color applied to the surface.



These tiles are not always the best fit for a project. Because of the porous nature, they age differently than clay tiles.

Clay tiles can come in a solid color, flat pattern or a relief pattern. They will show minimal variation in colors and design, so no single tile will be identical piece to piece.


Tap the link to read more information about the tile options Clay Imports has to offer and start looking today!