How to Build: Raised Garden Beds

Matriarchy Build

What we need

- Drill - Exterior wood glue - Circular saw - Impact Driver - 6 5/4 x 6” x 8’ cedar decking boards - 1 2” x 4” cedar decking board - 1 box 2″ exterior screws

Our friend Erin Longfellow of Maker Gray has generously shared her step-by-step Raised Bed Guide with us and even snuck in a few pro tips along the way. Tap the link to get her downloadable guide!

“Make sure you have a spot with plenty of sun and access to water. Make sure you fill your beds with the appropriate soil and grow what you love to eat.”

Do it in just four steps


Join one short side board and one long side board to one vertical interior corner brace using waterproof wood glue and 2” exterior screws.

Add the next corner, attaching a second interior corner brace and second long sideboard.


Continue with the next two corners until you have a box.


Then continue up the braces, adding the second and third rows just as you did the first.


And there you  have it–a raised bed ready to grow.