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Trade School with Ayrica of HERs Electric

As a second generation electrician with over 20 years experience, you might think that Ayrica has learned all there is to know about electrical work. Instead, the fact that there’s always more to learn about her field is part of what drew her to it. Next up, she wants to take on Gardening, Building and General Contracting.

What inspired you to become an electrician?

I have always been mechanically inclined and coming from an older generation the joy and happiness of putting things together, taking things apart, and figuring things out always fed my soul.

When did you know that you wanted to become an electrician?

Growing up watching and working with my father’s electrical company. Watching his business successfully grow helped me make the choice in my early 20’s.

What was your education process

Formal training and on-the-job starting with my fathers electrical company and eventually branching off to other companies.

When did you feel like you mastered being an electrician?

I haven’t mastered it per se, the industry is always changing which gives me the opportunity to learn on a consistent basis.

What are you most proud of accomplishing in your career thus far?

Starting and running HERs Electric.

What are three tips for folks looking into becoming an electrician?

  1. Don’t Quit or Give up
  2. Never think you’re done learning.
  3. Safety first.

How do you inspire more women to get into the trades?

When I see young women that are interested in the trade I always offer them an opportunity to work with me to get experience and gain knowledge.

Who do you want to shout out? Another woman in the trade!

Beth with Done Construction– I love and respect her craft, workmanship, and her rapport with her team. I admire how she runs and handles her business and other subcontractors that she brings on board. She continuously supports other women in the industry and most of all she is a great person over all.

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