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Table Saws vs Miter Saws

Our friend D’ondra Howard knows her way around the carpentry studio. A professional woodworker with a passion for learning, D’ondra is a self-taught master of many power tools–table saws and miter saws included. Here, she shares a quick lesson on how the two differ and when’s best to use each. 

Types of Saws

Table Saws

Wide, flat table that supports wood as it is being cut. You’re pushing the wood through the saw as the saw remains locked in position.

Great for cutting large pieces of wood and 4×8 sheets of plywood

Available to purchase at Home Depot

Miter Saws

The wood starts on the narrow base in front of the saw; you manually push the saw’s spinning blade down and through the wood to cut. 

Miter saws come equipped with gauges that lock into different angles, making it simple to get a precise cut every time.

Mainly used for trim to join two pieces of wood at a 90 degree angle.

Available to purchase at Home Depot

Final Verdict

You need both! It’s tricker to use a table saw for angles because you’ve got to control the positioning and angle degrees yourself.

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