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General Contractor
Baltimore, MD


Construction process and project management guidance
Remodel guidance and second opinions (vetting quotes, timeline & budget questions)
Materials selection (painting, tile, and flooring questions, etc)
Carpentry projects (basic woodworking, custom cabinetry, build a bench/garden beds, etc)
Basic electric projects (how to turn off your breaker, how to change a light fixture, add dimmers, etc)
General handyperson (how to patch a hole, change door hinges, hang shelves, etc)
Tilework and installation (how to tile a backsplash, how to tile a bathroom floor)


Beth, of Baltimore, MD’s Done Construction, values communication and collaboration during the remodel process. With years of renovations under her belt, and a specialty in kitchen and bath makeovers, Beth has all the information you need to talk through these projects and more. For any step in the planning or execution of remodels and DIY home improvement projects, Beth can offer support. Done Construction is Maryland Home Improvement Commission licensed and fully insured.


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I love how kind and understanding Beth was with our situation. She gave us really good information and was patient with me and my anxiety. We were able to make sure everything will be done properly due to talking about the big repair we are having to do. Any time I have to do repairs or a DIY, I am definitely coming back!

Anna O.

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I just had my consultation with Beth and it was amazing. Thank you so much for creating this incredible platform. I'm still in shock that I got to meet with a contractor that I actually connected with and gave me full confidence that I was capable of it all :')

Kate W.

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I used your service for a half-hour consult to get the fundamentals of how to begin remodels, how to work with contractors, etc. My consult was so valuable, coming away with the right questions to ask, the steps to take, and most of all, feeling like I had someone I could trust as I start my remodeling adventures.

Hannah D.

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Beth was incredibly personable and informative. I recently closed on my first home and she helped me feel at ease going into my meetings with contractors. I would highly recommend Beth as a Pro and resource for home repairs or renovations!

Maggie G.

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We spoke with Beth about some major renovations we are considering and it was a great experience! She was incredibly helpful and we have much more clarity on our project and ideas for moving forward. This is going to save us a bunch of money on our project. Absolutely worth it. I’m recommending her to everyone I know!

Tavi P.

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Beth is so awesome and talking to her about some dream projects we'd like to do in our house made those projects feel much more manageable. She had so many ideas we hadn't thought of and offered so much valuable, practical advice. Our hour together will save us many hours of headache and confusion in the future!

Julia T.

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Our experience with Beth was awesome! She is incredibly knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and helped walk us through a couple different options for our kitchen renovation. She made us feel like we had someone on our team who could help walk us through the process. I can’t recommend Beth enough – what an incredible resource!

Zoe S.

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Beth was friendly and supportive and really good at talking us through the project we needed help on over Zoom. Working with Beth was inspiring and world opening - we had a really specific remodel problem that had been plaguing us, and now we have a clear direction that's in our budget and creative. It was so helpful!

Grayson H.

Testimonial quotation mark
We got even more than I hoped from our session and came away feeling like we learned a lot and were empowered to make better decisions in future renovation projects.

Grace B.


Pros have certain areas of expertise, and some have broader knowledge bases than others, so be sure you’ve selected someone with the skills and background that your project requires. Here are some ideas of general topics that our Pros cover.

  • Construction process and project management
  • Remodel guidance and second opinions (vetting quotes, timeline & budget questions)
  • Architectural guidance (review of drafted plans, layout advice, questions on material specifications)
  • Old house renovation tips (buying an old house, guidance for updating an old house)
  • Materials selection (painting questions, tile questions, flooring questions, etc)
  • Wall treatments (questions and guidance on painting/plaster, how to install wallpaper)
  • Plumbing projects (how to change faucet, unclog a toilet, etc)
  • Carpentry projects (how to refinish kitchen cabinets, custom cabinetry, basic woodworking)
  • Basic electric projects (how to change a light fixture, add dimmers)
  • DIY Decor (how to flip furniture, hang a gallery wall, IKEA hacks, etc)
  • General handyperson (how to change hardware, change door hinges, hang shelves)
  • Tilework and installation (how to tile backsplash, how to tile bathroom floor)

Our Pros are handpicked across a variety of licensed trades and DIY skill sets. You’ll find general contractors, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, handypeople, and DIYers. You are able to sort and filter Pros by trade or project type. Still not sure who you want to hire? You can always email us at with a description of your project and/or questions and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

We strongly recommend completing your pre-consultation questionnaire and submitting all relevant photos to your Pro prior to your session with ample time for them to review it. Depending on your project type, measurements, tools, drawings or images might be useful. If you plan to execute your project during your consultation, be sure to have your full toolbox and all of your materials handy. It’s always helpful to have access to the area or project you are working on from your video device during the consultation. Make sure that area is well lit. Be sure to have note taking material handy. Most of all, ensure you have a strong internet signal for your video consultation.

Here are some specific examples of projects that can’t be covered in a Pro consultation.

  • Plumbers can’t provide DIY advice on how to execute complex plumbing over video, but Pros can advise on who to call and what to expect in these situations. Examples are: removing tree roots in pipes, or repairing backed up sewer line.
  • Electricians can’t provide DIY advice on how to execute complex electrical work over video, but Pros can advise on who to call and what to expect in these situations. Examples are: re-wiring in walls, ungrounded outlets, malfunctioning switches.
  • Location-specific ordinances aren’t suitable for Pro consultations. Examples are: building or construction limitations imposed by your community, city or state; floodplain laws and restrictions; weather-specific or terrain/soil-specific building requirements.
  • Structural assessments aren’t suitable for Pro consultations. Examples are: whether structural elements are sound; foundation interventions; negative drainage issues.
  • In person support or tangible deliverables.
  • Pros are unable to provide exact dimensions or measurements that are specific to your site/project.

Consultations are limited to the timeframe that they were originally booked for and can’t be extended. If you need more time, book a fresh session with your Pro.

You are able to book sessions until 24 hours before that session is scheduled to begin. Sessions scheduled within 48 hours of the start time run a greater risk of needing to be rescheduled.

When you select a Pro, and click on “Book a Time,” you’ll see your own timezone displayed on the upper right hand corner of the calendar. All meeting times will be displayed in your local timezone.

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