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Meet D’ondra Howard

An avid DIYer, D’ondra honed her skills flipping furniture but was intimidated by the power tools needed to take her craft to the next level. She hunkered down in her shop and learned to master her power tools, creating dozens of custom wooden pieces over the years including tables, benches, desks, side tables, charcuterie boards, coasters, and much more. Learn more about Matriarchy Build Pro DIY D’ondra Howard.

An Interview with D’ondra Howard

What inspired you to become a DIYer?

I’d have to say that it was a way for me to get my mind off of my husband being gone for boot camp. He joined the Air Force in 2012 and we had 3 kids. For me, I was trying to cope with him being gone and needed something to do to get my mind off of him not being there, so I started DIYing our condo we had just moved into before he left. It was definitely therapeutic for me.

What professional skills do you use in your day-to-day most?

I’m not sure if this is a professional skill, but I make sure I am building or doing something in my shop daily.  Weekends are my only off days if we don’t have anything planned, but even then I make sure I am doing something that allows me to be creative daily.

How do you inspire more women to get into the trades?

I think by being myself.  You don’t have to have it all together to get into the trades, you just have to do it.  Just go for it.  Find something that interests you and make sure you do it as often as you can so you can get better each time.

D’ondra in her workshop

What projects are you taking on in your own time?

In my own time, I usually try to make something I’d want to put in my house, even if I sell it, I make sure to create something I’d want to buy, so I look for cool tables and such and put my spin on it.  I like to make something I haven’t made before so I learn a new skill or use a new technique.

What’s in your toolbox that you can’t live without?

My miter saw and table saw are neck and neck, well my drill too.  Those items I use pretty much on a daily basis.

Who do you want to shout out? Another woman in the trade!

I’d like to shout out Adriana, @texasdiymama, she is super positive and always rooting for me, and Jennifer @jenwearsmanyhats her projects have been really cool… both women share tips and tricks on what and how to do things.

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