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How to Diagnose Common Toilet Leaks

Suddenly seeing water on or around your toilet? Our friend Carly Carey is here to explain the four usual suspects for this common bathroom issue.

4 Reasons for Water Around the Toilet

Flex Supply Line

This threaded line connects the toilet to your home’s water source. Over time, it’s possible that the line can leak or get loose from the connection points. 

Bowl Bolts

The two bolts on the back underside of the bowl can corrode or fail over time, causing water to drip from the loosened connection. 

Shut Off Valve

Underneath the shut off valve – may need to be replaced

Condensation on tank

This usually happens in the summer when hot, wet air interacts with the cold tank. This isn’t technically a problem with the toilet and there’s not much to do about it except wipe dry!

Carly’s How To

To understand where the water is coming from, dry off any current water, and observe where the dripping is coming from. Once you’ve determined the location, you can either try to tighten the current piece, replace it, or call in a pro!

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