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How to Change a Showerhead

Whether you’re in the mood for a rainshower upgrade (we can’t blame you!) or your old showerhead has finally called it quits, changing your own is a simple swap that takes no time!

How to Change a Showerhead


A new showerhead
Adjustable wrench
Thread seal tape


Step 1

Remove the old showerhead: First, try to unscrew the showerhead from the mount by twisting counterclockwise. If it doesn’t work with just your hand, wrap the cloth around the mouth of the slip joint pliers to loosen.

Step 2

Clean: before installing the new one, take a minute to clean off any dirt, grime, mineral deposits, or old tape from around the showerhead mount. 

Step 3

Tape the mount: Wrap the thread seal tape around the mount a few times and press firmly to ensure it sticks.

Step 4

Install the new showerhead: a classic showerhead requires you to simply screw it on the mount. Turn on the water to make sure it’s tight (while you’re out of the shower!). If it leaks, apply more tape and use the wrench to tighten.


If you’re installing a more complex showerhead, like a dual handheld/mounted, the included instructions should get you there!

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