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Get to Know Haustile

At Matriarchy Build, we are big time fangirls of Haustile. Their designs are some of the most unique you’ll see in the market, and they are all manufactured right in the USA in their production studio.

Get to know a little more about Kristin Ortiz and Lindsay Sheets of Haustile and their beautiful, ever-evolving collection of tile.

What’s the Haustile origin story? How did you guys get into the tile business?

Haustile was born out of a love for tile and dissatisfaction with the mundane products found in the tile industry. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, owners Kristin Ortiz and Lindsay Sheets, use high-quality American-made porcelain tile to transform design-forward motifs into a conversational piece. Haustile is ready to disrupt the tile industry with its state-of-the-art factory and give its design-savvy clients the tile they have been missing.

Kristin brings years of product branding and design experience to Haustile.  An avid traveler, Kristin has worked with the top tile producers and design firms worldwide.

Tile obsessed? Maybe. Lindsay has an extensive background in tile production and has manufactured and designed tile for the top kitchen & bath showrooms and plumbing brands across the USA.

Your aesthetic is so fun! Tell us a little about your inspiration?

Each design draws inspiration from textures, textiles, nature, fashion, cultures – everything around us!  Because we launch new designs every month (yes! Every month) we love to bring what is hot and new in the design world to tile as it hits, instead of the regular launching seasons.

Kristin & Lindsay of Haustile

We’d love to hear a little about your manufacturing process? What about it makes you guys so unique?

We use state-of-the-art Italian glaze printing technology to push the envelope of tile design. Our high resolution process allows us to fire beautifully detailed and Avant-Garde imagery onto durable porcelain. Our tile is a versatile 12-inch square that works perfectly for pattern repeat and looks great in spaces big or small. While we are capable of running many square feet a day, we are more interested in running a diverse collection of designs every day so everyone can have tile unique to their installation instead of copious amounts of “the same.” We glaze on demand so no inventory is kept. This minimizes waste and we can stay up to date with the latest trends. Our tiles are suitable for indoor and outdoor use on floors and walls.

Read more about why buying tile domestically is important to us in our Made in the USA Blog and check out our page that breaks down how Haustile practices sustainability

We noticed you guys make 12×12 porcelain tiles. Can you explain why you chose this specific size?

When searching for the perfect tile, size matters! You want a size that will be easy to install and look great in your space.

In our eyes, 12×12″ is the perfect shape. Larger tiles require special equipment, setting materials, and can be more expensive to install. Imagine carrying large tile slabs upstairs… No fun! 

Large tile is heavy and can be tricky to cut. 12×12 tiles are easy to handle and are lightweight. They also work well with all tile saws so no special mortar or blades are needed. Smaller tiles mean more grout which means more cleaning. Thus, 12×12″ is really the perfect fit.

Let’s talk about pattern!  12×12″ is perfect for pattern repeating. Whether you are installing tile in a small powder room or a large hotel lobby, 12×12 makes the most out of your pattern regardless of scale. Squares allow for the patterns to expand and don’t keep you tied down to a single direction for your space.

Where can 12×12″ tiles go?  We love installing them EVERYWHERE! While we wouldn’t traditionally install a stone-looking 12×12 vertically, we WOULD install wallpaper-looking tile vertically to create a focal wall in a bathroom, a host desk at a restaurant, or in an outdoor patio space.  The 12×12″ format permits both VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL tile applications to cater to any project!

Can you explain the difference between porcelain and ceramic tiles? Why do you love porcelain tiles?

We love all tile but there is something about porcelain… like it is the most durable tile material available.  With Haustile there is no sacrifice for function over form.  You get both!  Porcelain is fired at very hot temperatures that allow the particulate matter to form a water tight bond.  It is no fuss.  There is no additional sealing required and it will withstand summer heat or winter cold.  It is also a standard thickness so no messing with transitions or a raised edge because the tile is too thick.  We want our customers to make their design forward choice and not have to worry about a thing after that.

Do you guys take on any DIY or home renovation projects in your spare time? Can you tell us a little about what you’re working on?

We do! Kristin just redid her bathroom with our Palm Life: Sol Tile and Lindsay just redid her front porch with our AMOS: Turquoise tile. Always updating, changing, evolving.

Do you have any upcoming product launches or collaborations we need to know about?

We have taken on the incredible task of launching new designs EVERY MONTH!  Kristin and Lindsay are designers at heart and love using their tile tools to bring their dreams to the tile.  As an artist born company we believe in the arts and sharing the love.  Annually we partner with other designers/brands to combine design powers with collaboration collections.  There is always something fresh!  So make sure you join our mailing list!

Are there any women in the trades that you want to shout out!?

We love our local woman-owned surface designers, New Hat.  Their wall papers, acoustic panels and tile choices (wink wink) are really unique and something to check out.  We also love Jamie Beckwith Collection who, like us, is changing the wood flooring game with creative pattern play. 

For DYI’ers we love Liz Morrow her Insta Reels are hilarious !

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