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Home Improvement Advice from Anywhere Tackle your next project with confidence. Connect with one of our Pros nationwide for guidance and instruction on your next DIY or home renovation.

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How It Works

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Search our directory of Pros based on the type of project you’re looking to tackle.
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Book a 1:1 consultation with a Pro. Choose a date on their calendar based on your timeline and budget.
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Enjoy your 1:1 consultation with a Pro over Zoom to learn how to take on your project with confidence.
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Start tackling your project with confidence. Book follow-up sessions as necessary.

DIY + Inspiration

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I am so thrilled to have found Matriarchy Build! 25 minutes talking with Ally to prepare for an electrical project was incredibly helpful. It was so great to speak to an expert, ask specific questions and feel confident about what I needed to complete the project safely. What an incredible resource!

Kim V.

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I used your service for a half-hour consult to get the fundamentals of how to begin remodels, how to work with contractors, etc. My consult was so valuable, coming away with the right questions to ask, the steps to take, and most of all, feeling like I had someone I could trust as I start my remodeling adventures.

Hannah D.

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Beth was incredibly personable and informative. I recently closed on my first home and she helped me feel at ease going into my meetings with contractors. I would highly recommend Beth as a Pro and resource for home repairs or renovations!

Maggie G.

Testimonial quotation mark
Schannon was not only incredibly encouraging and supportive but so clear in providing direct instructions on next steps and even helping think through potential tricky spots we may encounter during future parts of the project.

Rachel A.

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Absolutely loved my first experience with Matriarchy Build! I had a session with Gabriela Narvaez who completely exceeded my expectations! Gaby was so helpful and knowledgeable. I will definitely be coming back to both Matriarchy Build & to Gaby Narvaez for more help along the way. Highly highly recommend!!

Madison A.

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I thoroughly enjoyed my session. Danielle was quickly able to diagnose the problem and any potential issues and walk me through the fix, demonstrating on her own shower. But, perhaps more importantly, she also made me feel that I can fix it myself and was excited for me to do it and now I am enthusiastic to get it done.

Clare M.

Testimonial quotation mark
Mindy listened and addressed my concerns in such a way that engendered trust and confidence. My previous experience of renovation did not end well and she empathized and we got onto to the business of the consultation. Very helpful!

Edward S.

Testimonial quotation mark
I had a fantastic experience with Matriarchy Build! I was gathering information before starting a project, and I left my half hour session with a Plan A and a Plan B, along with a list of things I might need and detailed instructions for how to perform each, plus words of encouragement. This is a wonderful resource!

Karen Z.

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My session with a Matriarchy Pro was so valuable. I’m a construction and DIY novice, but Kenna made me feel empowered, informed and excited to jump in with my powder room remodel. She gave me specific recommendations for materials in my price range, and was clear about what I could take on myself and what I should hire out.

Meryl S.

Testimonial quotation mark
We spoke with Beth about some major renovations we are considering and it was a great experience! She was incredibly helpful and we have much more clarity on our project and ideas for moving forward. This is going to save us a bunch of money on our project. Absolutely worth it. I’m recommending her to everyone I know!

Tavi P.

Testimonial quotation mark
My partner and I had a really wonderful consultation. The thing that stood out the most to me, and that I definitely hadn’t considered in advance, was how valuable advice and guidance would be from a professional that didn’t have any underlying motives (potential future work) to sway us one way or another.

Danielle P.

Testimonial quotation mark
We really love what Matriarchy offers – a list of amazing contractors, designers, and DIYers who want to help people get their homes in shape. Having access to expertise and knowledge without having to deal with the mansplaining was priceless. We will be using this site for as many home projects as we can.

Grayson H.

Testimonial quotation mark
Beth is so awesome and talking to her about some dream projects we’d like to do in our house made those projects feel much more manageable. She had so many ideas we hadn’t thought of and offered so much valuable, practical advice. Our hour together will save us many hours of headache and confusion in the future!

Julia T.

Testimonial quotation mark
Matriarchy is truly shaking up the trades business with their roster of exceptional tradespeople! I left my consultation with D’ondra feeling empowered, supported, and excited to build frames for some stretched canvases. For the first time ever I’m looking forward to tackling more projects myself because of this service.

Suzanne K.

Testimonial quotation mark
Carly helped me get to the bottom of my plumbing issue and gave me the instructions (and moral support!) to fix it on my own. Our session was so helpful!

Marisa P.

Testimonial quotation mark
I am so glad I came to Matriarchy Build. They helped me get unblocked building my very 1st dining table through a 30 min virtual session. Katie was prepared and approachable. She gave great advice specific to my project, skills and available tools. I am excited to show them the final product. I will definitely be back!


Testimonial quotation mark
We got even more than I hoped from our session and came away feeling like we learned a lot and were empowered to make better decisions in future renovation projects.

Grace B.

Testimonial quotation mark
My time with Jennifer got me moving on a project I’ve wanted to try for years. I left with a game plan of the steps to take and the confidence to execute them.

Mary A.

Testimonial quotation mark
Gabriela was amazing! I booked a consultation with her to help me figure out maximizing space for a closet. She not only solved complex spacial challenges but also brought a number of great design ideas to the table. She is incredibly knowledgeable and in a short session I could tell how collaboratively she works.

Nicole P.

Testimonial quotation mark
Stefanie was super helpful in reviewing our contractor’s proposal. It was great to have an experienced contractor to ask questions and chat with freely!

Christine C.

Testimonial quotation mark
Sue took us from “unsure” to “yup, we’re ready to do to this”. She walked us through the order of what to do, covered possible alternatives if our project took a funky turn (demo work is unpredictable), tools we’ll need, and overall safety planning/considerations. Sue was knowledgeable, approachable, and kind.

Laura R.

Testimonial quotation mark
We don’t know any contractors personally, so it was great to be able to pick Mindy’s brain and get her thoughts. We feel much more prepared thanks to her expert recommendations for tools and materials. She also advised us on items to be mindful of and how to best approach the various steps of the project.

Jennifer L.

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D’ondra was great to work with. I asked her for advice on 3 projects and she helped me with specific, helpful, affordable advice for each and pivoted quickly from one project to another. All her advice has gotten me out of my mental jams. I am very grateful for her sharing her expertise with me!

Serena B.

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